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Thank Goodness for Friends in Cali

Ever since I could remember I wanted to live in California. I dreamed (and still do) of working in Hollywood and helping produce cinematography that brings hope and inspiration to dreamers everywhere. After becoming a semi-finalist for the Academy of Television Arts and Science Foundation internship program I knew I was half way there. I was going to live in the land of dreams and contribute to art that everyone could use to escape from reality. Sadly I did not get a call back for the internship and I am still in the process of achieving my dreams.

One evening while Disneyland was celebrating their 60th anniversary I said to myself I want to go to Disneyland so bad. That was when it hit me  I’m tired of wishing; I am going to California. Fortunately for me I have a friend who serves in the Navy on the San Diago base. Thanks to having a good friend and ambition I made a last minute decision (as stated previously I do this last minute thing often) to travel across country to experience the state of my dreams. I researched all the facts before choosing Disneyland or California Adventures. Being a fan of “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit” Disneyland took the cake with their Roger Rabbit ride.

I flew for 5 hours and couldn’t wait to get going on my California excursion. Due to traffic I waited over an hour for my friend and I hadn’t eaten since 5am in Cleveland, Ohio. Seven hours without food is a horrible way to start the day. My friend finally arrived and took me to a Denny’s to relieve me of my hangry.

No matter how Old you are Disney has the most amazing way of bringing out the kid in you or I’m just a kid at heart. Whichever the reason my pupils were dilated with wonder of this California adventure I had only dreamed of. The experiences at Disney were amazing. I’m not even a Star Wars fan and totally geeked on the Hyper Space Mountain. Immediately after Hyper Space Mountain we headed for Toon Town. The Rodger Rabbit ride was everything I dreamed it would be. The ride seats were Benny, the cab, and you can spin the car around and around. I think I was more excited about this ride than the little girl who cried meeting Elsa.

Disneyland was awesome but the beach, sun and Cali-living were next on my to-do list. My friend was kind enough to take me to the island of Coronado. This beach was beautiful. The sand was so fine it glistened like gold under the sun bathed ocean. Sitting on the island you get a breath taking sight of the San Diego shoreline. I did not want to leave I wanted to stay forever.

Today I still dream of the day I live and work in California but until then I will reflect on the beautiful landscape and the ice cream. Oh, yeah, I had ice cream and I am pretty sure it tasted amazing just because of the California sunshine. Never let anything hold you back or get you down. If you want to go for it, GO FOR IT! You are in control of your happiness which is why I have #hayliestory.

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