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Road Trip-Virginia


There is something about road trips that make traveling more fun. They aren’t for everyone but definitely worth it if you ever get the chance. Deciding to take on a 10 hour car ride with my significant other was debated but after crunching numbers the savings in travel expenses were worth the miles on the car. We also used Airbnb for accommodations and had intentions to visit both Virginia Beach and Charlottesville. We had it planned to leave at 6 am in the morning and packed a cooler to reduce the amount of stops in hopes of arriving sooner. No 10 hour car ride would be complete without listening to all three of The Lord of the Rings audiobooks; thank you Hoopla Digital.

A little over 12 hours and we finally arrived. Between leaving a half hour late and getting stuck in traffic jams in both Washington D.C and Richmond it’s a miracle my boyfriend and I were still on good terms considering that is a long time to be in a confined space with someone even when you love them.

Checking into our Airbnb was easy and I will have a review published soon. Our very first thing to do was eat. I may have packed more snacks than a squirrel collects nuts but we were still starving for a meal. We found this great bar off the shore. It had an over sized window in the dining area sitting on the water which was perfect during the sunset. Being it was a pub we stuck with some flatbread pizza and dark brews. The food was pretty good and the beer topped it off. After a long day we crashed by 10 pm!

Sunrise woke us the next day and the first thing on my list was to do my morning workout on the sand. We were only two blocks away from the locals beach area thanks to our Airbnb host. As we reached the sand we were greeted by this playful golden retriever. The dog was full of energy and happiness following his ball in the water and letting the waves crash into his yellow fur. I tried to convince my boyfriend we need a puppy but that is still a work in progress. After our time at the beach we decide to follow the bike trail near by. Three miles total we walked and by this time we needed food asap.

Citrus was the breakfast establishment we found and the reviews online are true. This place has a wonderful uplifting atmosphere with a fresh environment. We were not looking over the water like the night before but the the vibe was so charming it didn’t worry us a bit. I started my order with a pineapple upside down mimosa. Best decision I made plus I worked out and walked 3 miles I earned it. We scoped the menu  for fuel that will keep us going for the rest of the day. There was a local gym approved section of the menu and I decided to look deeper into those options since I had just finished my 30 days to healthy living through Arbonne. Although the dish we chose was one of the most expensive it was totally worth it. It came with fluffy white eggs, turkey bacon and sweet potato french toast; YUM!

After driving about 12 minutes we find ourselves in beach haven. The boardwalk stretched beyond the eye could see. There were bikes, restaurants, volleyball, street performers and of course the Atlantic Ocean as the star of the show. We decided since there was so much to see we might as well rent bikes. The cruiser bikes came with complimentary buy one get one Ben and Jerry’s coupon; lucky us. I will be honest I hadn’t been on a bike for some time and had a rough start. After about 2 hours of biking we return our wheels and head for dinner.

Catch 31, on the boardwalk, is where we go to seek food. We walked up to the hostess asking if we could sit on the outside front patio. She informed us we would not get happy hour drinks pricing. After a short time to think it over we passed on the discounted drinks (which were cheaper by .50 cents) and headed outside. The patio was long and narrow with theater like dining placements aligning both sides of the walk way. We were fortunate enough to be placed on the side overlooking the boardwalk and beach. The beach was the stage and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the sun glistening on the waves as they crashed into the warm soft sand. The railings were lined with floral arrangements giving a private cabana look to our dining experience. Being by the ocean we went with seafood, naturally, and it was delicious. The most surprising element to our dinner was the bread. Not only did they give us a basket that seemed to have never ending bread coming out of it but it was complimented by a sweet butter. This was shocking to me since the white fluff had green flakes and I assumed it was garlic; nope just sweet buttery goodness.

After dinner we left the boardwalk and went to the downtown area of the Ocean Front to fetch some Ben and Jerry’s with our coupon from the bike rentals. The coupon was good for 1 free small ice cream with the purchase of a large. My boyfriend went with the large and I chose the small. We both go with a a waffle cone since it’s vacation and why the heck not. His ice cream was towering and I said “are you going to be able to eat all of that?” With his face buried in his cone he raised his head with chocolate on his nose and said “not sure but I’ll try.”

We start to hurry back to the car so we could sit to finish our ice cream. I had no idea we parked so far away and to make it worse my boyfriends ice cream was melting. I have never seen a more miserable ice cream experience in my life. Not only did his waffle cone break but the chocolate was dripping all down his hand, arm, shirt and shoe; no napkin could clean this up. He wasn’t the happiest about it either but he stuck with it determined to finish that damn cone. I expressed to him that if it were me I would have thrown that stupid thing down on to the cement and stomped back to Ben and Jerry’s to get another cone to enjoy. I commend him for not throwing the fit I would have.

We concluded our night on the local beach down the road from our Airbnb host. We placed a blanket down on the sand and stared at the water in awe. With the waves painting a picture using the sky’s colors and the sun lowering into the Atlantic I feel a peace I hadn’t experience in a long time.

For more about our trip to Virginia read the next installment of Road Trip-Virginia where we visit Thomas  Jefferson’s home and checkout the night life in Charlotteville, VA. Follow my Instagram @haylistory and subscribe to my blog.

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