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Girls Night Out: PIB Weekend Edition

I love my significant other but sometimes I need to get way with the girls. Every year my sorority gets together on Put In Bay (PIB) to relax, have fun and get the much needed girl time. Not only have I visited the island numerous times but I have worked and lived there; I know my way around.


Here are tips to a Girls Night Out: PIB Weekend Get Away!




Book early! If you know what weekend you are going don’t hesitate to get a room especially with a big group. There are several accommodations on the island with a pool. If your hotel doesn’t have a pool no worries, there are places to go.

The best place to go on a budget is The Park Hotel. It is downtown, next to The Round House Bar and cheap. They do have communal bathrooms so bring shower shoes. I worked at this hotel; I can tell you in confidence it is a great place to lay your head after a night of drinking.





There are so many places to choose from and all have their unique style. Depending on what kind of food you are looking for determines where you will go. Here are some of my top choices:

Breakfast: Pasquale’s, next door to The Park Hotel, has a tremendous breakfast menu. Great way to get back on your feet from a night of shots.

Burgers: Mossbacks is no joke when it comes to their burgers. I ate here for a whole weekend and have no regrets.

Chicken: The Chicken Patio has dinners with grilled BBQ chicken, 2 sides and dinner roll. These are great for lunch and they last you until late evening. This is located in front of The Park Hotel.

Fish: The Boardwalk has beautiful scenery, several restaurants and great food. I recommend their lobster bisque.

Pulled Pork: T & J’s Smokehouse is a country western theme restaurant packed with live country music, bull riding and whiskey. I go for their pulled pork and stay for the whiskey.

Drunk Food: It’s the end of the night and you need food pronto. Frosty’s has your back. They serve food until closing at 2am . It gets packed later in the night; i suggest not waiting until 1:45am to get food.





The reason you come is to party it up. There are so many places to go you will find a spot that fits your party needs.


The Round House Patio Bar is my top choice when going to PIB. It is on the downtown strip, the workers are awesome, drinks go down smooth and it is not crowded. One night I stayed at this bar from noon until midnight; it is a great location.

Mojito Bay is a great way to dig your toes in the sand while drinking it up. There are swings at the bar but be sure to get there asap; those swings go fast and people do not move from them.

Red Moon Speakeasy is located in The Park Hotel. No one knows about this unless you stay in the hotel. The only indication of this being open is by a red light on the hotel porch. It is a really unique experience that everyone should have at least one drink in.

Pool Side

The Sandbar isn’t widely known to visitors which makes it great because you get your drink fast and don’t have a lot of people in the pool “making a mess.”

The Dizzy Lizard is located at The Islander Inn. It does get busy but the drinks are great and the bar tenders are nice making this a favorite among my sorority.

Night Life

Dance Club: Level 2 is the spot for you. With a club like atmosphere, consisting of fog machines, glow sticks, and a DJ, you will be dancing away all those pool side drinks.

Country Girls: T & J’s Smokehouse is not just a restaurant it’s a bar too. They have a large outdoor patio where you can dance the night away to country hits with local bands.

Good Ole Bar: The Roundhouse Bar is the best place to get that rustic vibe, energetic band members and drinks. This place does get packed; rightfully so, it’s my favorite bar in Put In Bay. A fun fact, about the Roundhouse, is the walls in the bar were all hand painted by a local artist.




While Put In Bay (PIB) is a lot of fun and for the most part safe, there are things to be cautious of while on an island with strangers.

Buddy System: Always be with at least one other person if not a group. Most people at PIB are there for their own reasons and leave you alone but the buddy system ensures someone has your back.

Babysitting: If you have to go to the bathroom, or walk away from the bar, ALWAYS leave your drink with a trusted person. This prevents your drink from getting drugged or from some random human snagging your $5 drink.

Be nice to the Workers: The workers are there for you to have a safe fun time, and to make some extra cash. Don’t be that drunk person who is a total jerk. Being nice doesn’t cost anything extra so be thankful these people gave up their summer for you to make memories.

Put In Bay is my favorite girls weekend getaway. You have a mix between relaxing, night life and shopping while feeling like you are on an island far away. Summer isn’t over! Make plans to get out there and make memories with your girls! For more information on you next weekend getaway at Put In Bay check out this link Comment below on your favorite place on the island and don’t forget to follow me on social.

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