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Cedar Point Dos and Don’ts

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with friends at Cedar Point. One individual ,in the friend group, was not from Ohio and had no idea what to expect. It was then I realized not many people know my “local” tricks and hacks to making a fun, efficient and cheap trip to Cedar Point. Being a 419 local I have traveled to Cedar Point so many times the Millennium Force doesn’t phase me (The Dragster is a different story).  Here are my Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Cedar Point:



 “Dude, where’s my car?

Parking can be daunting at the front entrance. Cars lined up in what seems to be an infinite amount of rows.

Don’t-park in the front!

  1. You will lose your car; trust me I have
  2. Everyone piles in the main entrance which cuts your roller coaster time short.

Do-park in the back near Cedar Point Shore’s Waterpark. You will locate your car easier and start your trip in the middle of the theme park cutting wait time in half.

Fun-Fact: Leaving is a breeze. Starting from the back puts you in the flow of traffic so you don’t have to try to squeeze your Cadillac SUV in between a space made for a Ford Fusion.


I can’t make a decision on what to ride first!

There are so many options it is hard to pick what to do first. Do you go for the fun ride with a wait of 10 minutes or dart for the Valravn in hopes that the 2 hour wait won’t be so bad?

Don’t-go for the rides in the front except during certain times, which will be shared later. Everyone darts for those front coasters making the lines painfully long but if you followed my previous tip of parking in the back you should be next the Magnum.

Do-ride the Magnum first (if you parked near the water park). Riding this first you have conquered ½ the coasters in the park which leaves you with the Millennium Force and The Dragster to work your courage up to.

*Tip-Plan your day out. Pick out the top rides you must experience before leaving the park and set your day around that.


These lines are so long!

Cedar Point is known for having quick-moving lines but there are times when those lines are just too much.

Don’t-wait in a line over 45 minutes for anything other than a brand new roller coaster, The Dragster and Millennium Force and don’t wait over 2 hours for those rides; the lines will die down eventually so I advise you wait if there are other things you rather do in the park.

Do-ride the big coasters during prime eating times and Luminosity. Riding the Millennium Force around 12-1:30pm has a wait time of around 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes, not too bad. If you wait to ride the Millennium Force during the Luminosity show you could have a wait as short as 15 minutes which is awesome and doesn’t leave much time to chicken out. The same goes for most of the rides.

Fun-Fact: If you are staying at the hotel or have a season pass Cedar Point offer special hours to enjoy these rides for less wait.

*Tip-Cedar Point offers fast-pass tickets and unless this is your very first time EVER visiting and during prime vacation time don’t purchase these. I promise the lines will be nowhere near the 3 ½ hour wait I encountered at Disneyworld’s Epcot during New Years Eve.

I’m so hungry!

Cedar Point has many different eating establishments and all of them serve different things. Some only do drinks and others may only offer a chicken finger basket when you just saw a sign at another place for hamburgers. They are all different not to mention the restaurants.

Don’t-buy the souvenir cup. I know you get “free” refills but most rides will not allow to you in the line with that cup. If you have a locker or a person who isn’t riding then I say go for it because it is a good deal otherwise if you have nowhere to stash it you will end up trashing it.

Do-consider the many restaurants on site. My boyfriend and I both purchased drinks and chicken tender baskets that rang up to $33.42! Might as well have a fun experience at Johnny Rockets for that price.

Don’t-eat before riding a big roller coaster or a ride like the Max Air. You will thank me later.

Do-try their frozen custard in the front of the park. It just melts in your mouth and they offer a waffle cone which puts me on a sugar high.

Fun-Fact: You are permitted to leave the park and come back ONCE without having to pay for parking again. If you need a break from the days’ festivities or think the prices are way too much consider leaving the park for food; there are plenty of options in Sandusky, OH.


I’m so thirsty

It’s hot, you’re parched and about to die. Ok, I am being dramatic but you get the picture. Where do you go to get water?

Don’t-buy the water if you hate the thought of spending $4.00 on Dasani.

Do-Go to any counter service and ask for a CUP of water. They only give you 5oz at a time but it is free and can be just what you need until you get to the drinking fountain.

*Tip: If you are carrying a cross-body purse (they are allowed on most rides) I suggest you pack a small water bottle that fits inside. I purchased a small 10 oz Disney’s Frozen water bottle and it fits perfectly.


Sorry, sir, you can’t come on this ride.

This happened to us when we went to Cedar Point this past weekend. We approached the line for The Magnum when the worker stopped us and instructed our friend to purchase a locker for his drawstring bag.

Don’t-bring a big bag, souvenir cup or slip off shoes to Cedar Point. They will make you pay for a locker and it is not cheap.

Do-compact your essentials in a small pocket-sized wallet. I bought a great wallet/phone case off Amazon for $10 and it was perfect for our trip.

*Tip: If you need more than just your phone and wallet consider a small cross-body purse. As previously stated most rides, if not all, do allow this on the ride with you.


My phone fell out of my pocket!

I have never had this happen but have heard of people losing phones, shoes, sunglasses and change while riding  roller coasters.

Don’t-try to get your lost item yourself. People have gotten hurt if not killed for disobeying this rule. I don’t care if your phone cost 1 million dollars risking your life is not worth it!

Do-communicate your lost item to a park official and they will help. I cannot guarantee it will be done in the timely manner you see fit but you will not have to risk your life for a material item.

*Tip: If you are worried about losing stuff and don’t want to pay for a locker than I suggest wearing pants/shorts with deep pockets, carrying a small cross-body bag (Vera Bradley Mini Hipster) or a fanny pack.

Fun-Fact: Fanny Packs are back. It seemed liked every 20 people had one on and of all the fanny packs I seen about ½ were Victoria Secret’s Pink; who knew?


I’ll take a nap right here

Sometimes you just need to take a second and breath from all the adrenaline you are encountering. My favorite place to take 5 is on the beach right outside of the park. The beach entrance is located next to the Windseeker (spinning swings 300 ft high).

Don’t-leave for the beach without getting a stamp; they won’t let you back in.

Do-enjoy the sand and water.

*Tip: If you have sand on your feet they do have 4 locations where you can spray water to remove the sand from your toes.


“Come on, the park opens at 10am we have to get there!”

Many people think getting there at 10am will guarantee shorter lines, their ticket worth and a better parking spot.

Don’t-try to do all day unless you allow your self a break. All the adrenaline, loud rides and heat can get to you and trying to push yourself isn’t healthy; you need a break so head to the beach.

Do-plan for a 6 hour day. I have arrived at noon and left at 5 and arrived at 5:30 and left at 10pm. Both time arrivals allowed me enough time to ride what I wanted to ride and a break at the beach.

*Tip: Arriving after 5pm is the best time because most families and day visitors leave for the evening and the others who stay will most likely watch Luminosity which means shorter lines.


“I don’t want to break the bank.”

It is true a day at Cedar Point can be costly but there are a few ways around that.

Don’t-wait to purchase your ticket at the gate. These are the most expensive and why pay full price when there are other options?

Do-Shop for tickets at participating Drug Marts or look for special promotions Cedar Point offers throughout the year.

Fun-Fact: If you have a friend with a season pass they can get you a discounted ticket with the “Bring-a-Friend” ticket.

*Tip: One of my favorite ticket promos Cedar Point has is Two Day, Any Day Ticket. You can pick any 2 days you would like to visit the park which is nice since not all locals can justify a season pass but 2 days is worth it.

Cedar Point is a fun time I suggest you get out there at least once this year. Be mindful of the ways you can save time and money and you will be surprised what all you can accomplish at Cedar Point. Be sure to check out my other posts about my fun adventures while traveling. Comment below with #hayliestory and your favorite ride at Cedar Point.


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