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Alternative Ways to Travel When You Are on a Tight Budget

I love to travel! Whether I am going on a long road trip or flying to my destination I am always ready to experience something new. I love weekend getaways as much as I enjoy vacations. The only problem is travel costs money! Over the years I have figured out unique ways to travel under budget. Here are cheap ways to travel!

Get Involved!

Whether you go on a mission trip or you are volunteering for a service project get involved. These are great opportunities to not only travel but to give back. In most cases you will get the chance to tour the city you are doing service work in. One time my college went to New Orleans to build homes. My friends had a blast giving back and touring the French Quarter!

Travel In Numbers

By traveling with a group of people the cost of hotel will reduce tremendously. For instance, when my boyfriend and I went to Florida with another couple we saved an additional $200 per head dividing the cost of the hotel room and rental car. That is a total of $800!

Consider Alternatives

Hotel rooms can be expensive! Depending on the time of year you are going and the location you could be spending nearly $400 a night! Whoa! Try alternatives like Airbnb! I really enjoy this service and plan on using it for future travel destinations. Click Here to read my full review!

Plan an Outdoor Adventure

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy your destination! All you really need is to afford getting there and a place to stay. Outdoor adventures are a great way to travel and get in tune with nature. We plan on visiting national parks in Tennessee this summer. Between gas, food and our accommodations we shouldn’t spend more that $350 a head for 4 days.

Consider a Place Close By!

You don’t have to go extreme distances to recharge. Try going somewhere close by for a weekend and explore a new city or different atmosphere. What is great about living in Toledo is there are so many options for us to choose from. We could go to Cleveland, Columbus, Amish Country, Ann Arbor or Detroit! The most we would travel is about 3 hours! We are planning a night to spend in downtown Ann Arbor and then go to Planet Rock the next morning! My point is you don’t have to travel far to experience something different.

Go On a Retreat!

If you want to get away, have everything included and be with a group of friends a retreat is the best way to go. Several organizations and churches offer this opportunity. Next time you visit your church check out their retreat and get the opportunity to travel, meet new people and become more in tune with your life’s journey!


There are several ways to save on travel. You do not have to go far or anywhere super impressive to recharge. As long as you meet your need to getaway and keep within your budget who cares how far you went or what amazing things you did. Whether you are spending time with your significant other, volunteering, hanging out with friends or just traveling by yourself; take the time to recharge through travel!

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