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Set Your Goals Up For Success

“Follow Your Dreams” “Never stop Dreaming” “Chase Your Dreams” do these sound both familiar and at the same time underwhelming? I know the feeling. I have pondered these quotes many times. What do these really mean? Follow your passion sure, but what is my passion? I have a dream but I really don’t know how to get there. Dreams are great but in reality they are thoughts. Without an action plan they will be nothing but fantasies. There are 4 keys to achieving your dreams : Vision, Goals, Deadlines and Finance.

“Can you see it from here?”

Having a vision is step one to making your dreams come true. A dream is a thought much like a desire or want but a vision is set in stone and is put into action. Once you envision your success the easier it is to achieve. Focus on what your life would look like if your dream were to come true.

Put It to Action: Let’s say your dream is to travel the world. Ok, what does that look like? Will you have a 9-5 job or manage your own online business to generate revenue? Will you take a year off or do this over the course of you life? Where do you want to go? These are the questions you need to form your vision. Once you can see what your vision entails the path to travel becomes more clear.

“Goals are your stepping stones to your vision”

When it comes to goals you need to be specific on how you plan to accomplish them and by when you want to accomplish them. Your goals don’t have to be impressively huge or career oriented; they need to fulfill you and your vision. Inspired by Nicole Lapins strategy, I keep goals in the following categories: Finance, Family, Fun and Self.

In finance I set goals according to the kind of things I want to afford like a monthly $200 shopping trip, the kind of home I want to afford and the salary I want to achieve. Family is all about relationships. This covers how I intend on maintaining friendships, when I see myself settling down and what king of dog I may want to adopt. Fun covers everything from vacations, night out with the girls and additional hobbies. Finally, the self category is all about yourself oppose to your lifestyle. This involves your spirituality, where you want to afford to workout and any additional entrepreneurial/career goals.

Put It Into Action: Let’s say you made a goal like this “Over the course of 5 years I want to travel the world.” There is a deadline but no specifics on how you plan to do this. Try this “ I’d like to travel the world by visiting place ABC in year one, place XYZ in year 2” and so on and so fourth. Keep in mind that your goals may cost money which makes creating a spending plan vital.

“What’s the deadline”

Some may argue that you shouldn’t put a hard deadline on your goals to be accomplished because it may hinder your confidence. I don’t buy this. While I understand sheer disappointment you have to have a deadline, how or when else will you accomplish your goals? By setting deadlines to your goals they become more realistic and attainable. Managing goals within 1,3,5,7 and 10 years not only maps out the road to your dream but keeps you focused on your vision.

Put It Into Action: If you want to travel the entire world but plan to keep a 9-5 job you most likely won’t accomplish this goal in under a year. Kudos if you do. Make these reasonable and attainable. Don’t set a goal under the 10 year column out of fear of failing when you know you can meet that goal within a year. Set yourself up for success and push yourself.


“Don’t think of it as budgeting but a spending plan”

This is crucial if you are going to stay on track with your goals. How can you travel the world if you have no way of saving money? According to Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin you should stick with the 70-15-15 rule.

70% of your finances should go toward essentials such as living, groceries, gas etc.

15% should be dedicated to savings including 401k and retirement.

15% can be used for fun! Anything from vacation, dinner with your friends, presents for family, gym memberships etc. Items that don’t fall under essentials or savings.

“Ok great, now what?”

Here are the main points you should keep in mind:

1.) Keep a Vision

-make a check list, vision board or even motivational quote to keep you focused on your vision.

2.) Create and Execute Goals

-categorize your goals to shape your lifestyle and your well being: Finance, Family, Fun and Self.

3.) Maintain Deadlines

-remember to keep reasonable deadlines within 1,3,5,7 and 10 years. Set yourself up for success and reward, not failure and disappointment.

4.) Build a Financial Plan

-This is crucial to help succeed in accomplishing your goals and ultimately your vision.

Making your dreams come true can be hard without a solid vision and goals to use as stepping stones. Know that goals can be anything from career to family and even yourself. Your goals being impressively big or career oriented does not matter. Fulfilling your passion, focusing on your vision to make your dreams come true is what does matter. Always be thankful for what life has given you and pay it forward to others.


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