The Voice VS. American Idol

I love to audition! It is the perfect reason to travel and meet new people. I have auditioned for The Voice and American Idol; you can click on the links for those audition processes. This is my comparison of the two experiences. Fox’s American Idol and NBC’s The Voice have very different audition processes. Both have open call auditions the general public can attend. Note that Simon Cowell was the producer for American Idol and does produce other reality talent competition show meaning the audition process may be similar.


American Idol-is 2 days prior to open call audition. The crappy part is you had to give up 3-5 days for this audition and that is if you didn’t move on to the next round. Some people were stuck staying a week in their audition city. Very time consuming.

The Voice-Online registration, pick time and create artist profile. I waited 13 hours to audition for 10 seconds at American Idol compared to the 6 hour wait for the minute long audition for The Voice.



American Idol-focused on filming for show and true to the “cattle call” experience. This experience was horrible. My voice was tired from the long day, my ears numb from all the loud screaming and all for 10 seconds.

The Voice-very professional. This is the most positive experience and a great for first timers. They tell you to save your voice; they want you to perform well.

The Show:

American Idol-focused on the talent. American Idol did well when it came to centering the show around the talent. You got the chance to really get to know the contestants. To be honest I never remember who judged what season but I can tell you who the talent was.

The Voice-centered around judges. I think they have done a little better since my original deduction but I still couldn’t tell you who is on the voice. The show is so focused on the judges, which draws in ratings, but do they manufacture stars like Kelly Clarkson? No.



American Idol-Ever wonder how all the poor talent ended up on the show? Looks are the only thing that matter. When you are going through the open call auditions you have to physically stand out; in a good or bad way. It’s not until you get to the producers that your quality of talent matters. Also they were looking for a character so if you had a sob story you were more likely to get pushed through.

The Voice-Ever wonder where all the amazing talent comes from; not the open calls. Private auditions make up a majority of the talent. Remember Jordan Pruitt? She was a Disney Channel singer (Click Here for Video). Do you think she had to go through open call? Heck No! My point is they pull most contestants from the private auditions; land yourself one of those you are golden.

As stated in my other blog posts I really do love auditioning. It is a great way to travel, put yourself out there and meet new people. You never know when you might run into the next big thing. If you are truly passionate about your talent use these opportunities to network among other artists and build your brand. Meeting new people and experience is more important. Don’t Compete; Collaborate.

Read about my experience with The Voice and American Idol here at #Hayliestory.

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