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Dog Mom Chronicles: Signs You Are a Crazy Dog Mom

I have recently become a first time puppy parent and I have to be honest I am totally and completely in love! No, really I am! The first hour I we got our dog he puked on me in the car and I still love him. He has pooped in places he shouldn’t have and we still love him. No matter what I know at the end of the day his survival, his behavior and his social skills depend on me and while that may seem like pressure it is more motivation to try even harder.

Ok enough with the sappy stuff. I have become a crazy dog mom! I never thought I would ever say that but here I am paranoid about every little thing he does! It’s ridiculous! Here are the signs you have become a crazy dog mom!

Speaking in High Frequencies/Excessive Baby Talk

I talk to my mom everyday on the car ride home and she knows I am close to my house because my voice pitch changes. I don’t know why we as humans have to speak in a higher pitch when we talk to/about a cute little something; even my fiancé is guilty of it. We all do it!

Inspecting Everything

I am constantly observing my pooch for any signs of something off! He can’t tell me when he doesn’t feel good and how can I know what is “normal” if I don’t observe it? Any little bump, clump in his fur or abnormal habit he does I am inspecting it! Eventually, once I know what his normal is, I won’t have a need to pick at everything but being a new pet-parent I want to be proactive! My fiancé thinks I am nuts!

Celebrating Potty Time

We read somewhere you should train your dog to go in a spot you want him to but honestly the simple task of him going potty is all we care about. We celebrate every time he makes it outside, goes poop or even knows enough to go on his puppy pad. Seriously, it’s kind of crazy.

Obsession with Cuddles

I have always liked to cuddle but now it’s ridiculous! I can’t wait for my fiancé to take our little Chip out to play because I know he will come in ready to snuggle!

Insta – Worthy

Our puppy is only going to be this little for a small period of time. I feel like I have to capture every moment and when I have really great moments I can’t help but share them!

Yes, I may maintain my Crazy Dog Mom Status but I can’t help how proud I am of my pooch! I never thought I could love a little fur ball so much but here I am; being a crazy dog mom!

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