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Morning Struggles

As a kid I would beg my mom to let me stay up late. Now, I am excited to be in bed by 9pm. Mornings are a struggle for us non-early risers. I hit the snooze button at least 3 times. I read, somewhere online, the most successful people make the most of their time by starting early. I’m not a morning person but I am all about maximizing the time I do have. I can’t promise you will magically become a morning person but by implementing a few morning routines you will better your happy living and get a head start on daily career ambitions.


Get Excited

Do you have a side project, or want to start one, that you are passionate about but never find time to work on it? Use the morning as your time. Your passion is motivation to further your career goals and aspirations. Spend 5, 10, even 20 minutes on this project; anything to get you excited in the morning. I look forward to updating my social media and connecting with all of you in the morning.

Get Centered

Do you feel over stressed and feel like no matter how much sleep you just seem tensed up? Mornings are a wonderful time to set your day right. Allow yourself extra time to meditate, read devotions, get in touch with your faith or just take time for yourself. Make this time for you to center yourself before the day takes you over. You will be refreshed and more awake.

Get Pumped

Are you the kind of person who needs a cold shower to get going? Then pump some iron. Getting up is hard, at first, but once you get your heart rate going you are more alert and ready to attack the day. You will be surprised how focused you are without the need of that third cup of coffee. I drag to the gym but once I complete my HIIT routine I channel my inner Gary Vaynerchuk and dominate the day.

Get Grooving

Do you get a heart attack with that pre-loaded alarm tone on your phone? Try setting your alarm to a favorite song or riff. This will get your day grooving from the start. Get creative and set a new song to each day. I love waking up to the riff of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World but I always start my Fridays with “Just Got Paid” by Nsync.

Get Sleep

Not sold on any of these ideas? Go to bed early. Our bodies try to let us know when they have had enough. Listen to it and give your body what it is craving. You will be shocked at how much more productive and responsive you are in the mornings with a week of good rest.

Maybe mom wasn’t wrong sending us to bed early all those years. Not everyone is a morning person but successful people maximize their time. By incorporating one or all of these routines, your mornings should be a little less painful. Always seek to improve your happy living. I would love to hear your ideas! How do you maximize your mornings?


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