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Have You Never Seen a Girl Box?

So there I was in the gym at 6am boxing. As previously said I didn’t really start doing this until after college and I am no pro. I am just letting this bag have it. I had a tough week and needed to let it all out to start fresh. I don’t know what it is about the place I work out at but people feel the need to be friendly which don’t get me wrong it’s nice but don’t interrupt me while I’m in my zone.

I am prepping for my next 3 minute round when this older shorter man comes walking toward me. He is on the track so I don’t think anything of it since I am zoned in my ear buds. Then he taps me on the shoulder and says. “Did you hear me?”

“No I’m sorry I had my music up”

He said “You’re a tough woman; I wouldn’t want to fight you.”

“ha, ha well don’t get in a situation you would have to.”

He walked away and I re-centered my focus. This round I was doing 10 cross punches on each side and 10 kicks on each side. I could hear my kicks through my noise canceling ear buds. My left crosses weren’t as loud but I could still feel my body work. I complete the round and I prep myself for my glute exercise. Then comes another person feeling the need to tap me on the shoulder and tell me something. I pull out my ear bud and he said “have you ever thought of martial arts?”

Confused by the question since clearly I was boxing I said “no not really.”

He then continued ” I teach kids and I got to tell you your kicks are amazing you should consider it.”

“I will give it thought thanks” I replied with a smile while still catching my breath. He waved with a ‘have a good day’ smile and walked away. I just thought really? 2 men had to interrupt me? Have they never seen a girl box before? I was finally able to complete my workout in peace.

Although the compliments were flattering and the people are nice I really get annoyed being interrupted working out. If I am not alone on this comment below with a time someone killed your zone and use #hayliestory. Well we will see what the next week brings in the gym.

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