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Boxing; How it Started

As some of you know based off my Instagram I box as part of my workout routine. I didn’t actually start boxing cardio training until I was out of college but I do recall always having pinned up energy. I received my first pair of pink lace up gloves at age 5; mainly because my mom didn’t want me hurting myself punching the pillows all the time. I grew up with all boys so if I didn’t learn to be a little tough then I was out a playmate and let’s be honest hot wheels race tracks were slightly more entertaining than barbies. But like I said I didn’t start until I was out of college.

I was working as a bank teller and it is the most horrible job because people get mean when it comes to money; understandably but having to pin it all up everyday with no where to let it out was wearing on me. I started talking to a co-worker and expressed to her how I would love to start kick boxing or something to get all this energy out. That is when she told me about the MMA training facility located in town. They offered a boxing cardio class and I thought why not.

First day I walked in and I was totally lost. There was a ring located on the back wall, tires, hammers. bungee cords, bags everywhere and gloves. I had no idea where to start. The owner and former MMA fighter Rick Fitch began to help me and talked me through the workout layout. He explained how it is part cardio, boxing technique and circuit. I thought to myself circuit?! what am I doing here? Rick got me all wrapped up and ready to go.

Each jab, cross, hook, uppercut and kick I did I felt the days tension melt away. Once our boxing warm up was completed we were on to the circuit training. It was a 20 minute circuit with 20 tasks and 1 minute to do each. I was about to walk out but decided to give it a try. My first task was flipping the large tire once, jumping in the middle and jumping out then flipping the tire the other way. I enjoyed this exercise so much I couldn’t wait for the next one. Bear crawls with the bungee cord were next. I had to bear crawl out to a cone, collect it and return to the start. I did this until all cones were not only collected put placed back doing the bear crawl. I’ll be honest this hurt but I liked being slung back even though I wasn’t suppose to. Each task I was more and more pumped and before you know it the circuit was complete.

Now on to technique. Rick showed me the proper technique for boxing, defending, kicking and just being able to hit hard. We would even team up with other attendees of the class, most were MMA fighters training with Rick. I was told by a few fighters I hit pretty hard but there was one that stuck out most. He was a bit taller than me and had been in a few fights. He would call out a number for a combo and I would complete it. During a 3 combo (jab, cross, hook) I almost knocked him over. It was then he pulled over Rick and told him I should fight. Rick replied “I know I’m trying.” Over several weeks attending this class Rick, along with other fighters he trained, kept trying to talk me into fighting. I said no it’s no my thing but Rick would always come back saying “But you hit so hard.” Flattering yes but I was not about to see what it would be like being hit.

This is the start of where my fitness routine is now. I typically do circuit or interval training along with boxing as my cardio. I am thankful I got a taste of boxing with Rick Fitch at his MMA training facility; it changed the way I do things for the good. Keep up on my social media and on here as I journey through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to use #hayliestory on social media.

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