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Being a Millennial…

..Is Hard.

There are nay-sayers, with the opinion of us being entitled and lazy, but they don’t take the time to understand our generation. Crazy to think that people in our generation are so appalled by the harsh criticism they don’t like to be considered “millennials.” News Flash! Every generation has been criticized so don’t think we are special. Companies refusing to understand the new brand of employees is a disadvantage for them. Barely making a living for the sake of providing for a family is not a quality of life. We know there is more to life which is why we strive for it.

I don’t want this to be about companies needing to “pander” to our generation nor will I be playing victim. I truly believe millennials are the most passionate, driven and resourceful people in the job market. We are eager to learn and ready to hit the ground running. We love to stretch our skills and excel. To be honest we do have a few minor set-backs, as does every generation, but there is a way to overcome them and here is how.


I struggle with this one a bit myself. I am so eager and excited to evolve and push the company to success that I quickly become defeated when things aren’t moving to my speed. The root of this problem is impatience.

How to fix it: Set goals for yourself to achieve weekly, daily and even hourly. Not only will you stay focused but you will feel accomplished by crossing things off you to-do list. Also, you will be accomplishing things at your speed which keeps you from feeling like you are a sitting duck.



Being a driven individual you like to know your hard work is recognized, hence social media. Sometimes you have a bad boss who just doesn’t take the time to recognize you but most of the time this is caused by the root problem. Having a lack of confidence will make you shy away from opportunities to get involved.

How to fix it: Get involved! Regardless if your boss will notice or not do something for the company to show you not only care but are willing to take initiative. Create a project proposal or campaign plan. Don’t just submit an idea but show why your idea is the best and how you plan to execute it. This may lead to a raise and if not at least you have a conversation piece for your next interview.


No Movement

You have been in a position for a while, submitted a project proposal and are ready to move up. Unfortunately, your company doesn’t see you in the open management position or they don’t have the money to expand your job title. You feel like moving up in the company is your only chance to expand your skills and prove yourself. The root of this problem is eagerness.

How to fix it: Dedicate time to a side project. If you work in publishing, write book reviews. If you work in advertising, make promos and campaigns for social media. I created my blog to show case my passion, my way, because no entry-level job would allow me to. By doing this, you not only show case your passion and dedication but you create a portfolio of your expertise.



Anyone can have a bad day occasionally but dissatisfaction causes you to be depressed. You dislike everything about your job, even if it’s a good job. The root of this problem is a need for happiness.

There are a 2 ways to fix this:

1.)    Prioritize your life. We spend a majority of our lives at work but that doesn’t mean the time outside of work has to be spent whining about it. Make time for the things you care about. Make plans with friends after work, this will give you something to look forward to. There is more to life than work.

2.)   I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about how companies need to pander to millennials but hear me out. The world has evolved and is at our finger tips. Why are we still stuck on this 9-5, clock in clock out, structure? There are studies that show an employee is more productive on a 6 hour work day. Whether your employee is chained to their desk for 8 hours or 6 they are still doing the same amount of work for the salary you pay them so why not give them more time with their family to make them happy? Give your employees an opportunity for a happy quality life and they will thank you in return with higher productivity.


Being a millennial is hard. From a financially struggling college student to begging for opportunities. We are passionate, driven and resourceful people. We put our 110% in the goals we set out for ourselves and if we have no idea where to start we look it up. Knowing this I have taken charge of my career aspirations using the tips from above. This post is just a start for you to gain control of your career ambitions. Use your resources and set your drive to hyper gear to start living your passion.

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