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Arbonne Day 5!

Already 1/6 of the way there. I will be honest I didn’t think I would last this long but here I am still going strong and excited to continue this journey. As part of the 30 days to fit challenge there are dietary restrictions including no gluten, dairy, and only grass fed beef; guess cheese burgers are out. Although this restriction can be hard I took it as an opportunity. I have not only used the tools Arbonne and my consultant provided me but I have also surfed the web for creative dishes.

One dish I made for lunch was chicken and broccoli stir fry; yum! I had to modify the recipe to fit my dietary restrictions for example:

I switched out linguine for brown rice noodles. Arbonne permits brown rice because it is considered a complex carb meaning it doesn’t break down as fast and turn into fat like other starchy foods.

I did not have sesame seeds but I did add mushrooms; I just like mushrooms.

Finally I did not make the sauce for two reasons. 1.) I don’t care for soy sauce. 2.) Most of the ingredients in the sauce are not permitted to have while on the Arbonne program. Instead I just drizzled a little sesame oil to give it some flavor.

To make your own chicken and broccoli stir fry here is the recipe I used as a base :

Everything is going good as of now so I can only imagine how things will be on Day 30. I feel more energized, am constantly full and eager to wake up in the morning. The morning thing is huge because I am a snoozer, I hit snooze at least 3 times. After starting Arbonne I get right up on that first alarm; shocking! Follow my Instagram for daily updates and subscribe to my blog for more fun stories. Comment below with your favorite recipes followed by #hayliestory.


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