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Arbonne Day 25!

5 more days to go and I am on my way to a healthy life style. Not much has changed except one major challenge; I came down with a sinus infection. Although eating healthy is helping my body my brain thinks otherwise. Here is how I survived the first few days.

Cough Drops

These are high in sugar; I have had 2 fillings done, at one time, due to sleeping with these in my mouth last winter. Although it pained me to have 4 in a 2 day period it was either that or cough a lung out. However after I had one I made sure to let the medicine sit for only 15 minutes after the drop was gone then I began flushing my system with water to pump out the sugar best I could.

Alka-seltzer Cold and Flu

Again this had sweetener in it but not as much as the cough drop. I allowed myself 1 dose in the am and 1 in the pm on day 22. I tried all day to go without but I could not function no matter how much fluid I drank.

OTC Medicine

I took several other medicines over a day and a 1/2 and came to the conclusion I needed extra help. I called my doctor and they gave me antibiotic; thank goodness.

You are probably wondering “ok so how did Arbonne help?” Keep reading and I will tell you.

Fizz Sticks

I normally stick to the pomegranate but it wasn’t giving me the same relief that orange juice does. Since orange juice is also a no-no on the 30 day challenge I switched out my favorite flavor for the citrus in hopes of getting that same relief orange juice did. Success! Not only did I get the relief I was looking for but I thought to myself “why didn’t I do this 2 miserable days ago?”


I have read other blogs about this tasting bad. I have no problem with the taste especially being sick. Having a warm minty liquid drop down my sore throat felt like cold ice cream on a hot summer day. I know those are complete opposites but my point is it soothed my pain so I could keep from those over sugary cough drops.

Thanks to antibiotics I am well on to recovery and should be healthy by the time we leave for vacation. Follow up on my day 30 entry where I will give a full product review. Subscribe to my page for more content including my upcoming vacation. Thanks for all the support and may the next 5 days go out strong!


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