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Arbonne Day 20!

Wow, time flies by fast. 2/3 of the way there and only 10 days to go. The best part about this coming to a conclusion is my vacation following 2 days after;  Wooohooo!  This week I started the 7 day cleanse and tried salmon for the first time. How was the salmon? Well this is how it went:

My consultant suggested I wrap it in foil and bake it in the oven. I prepared a pan with foil to place the salmon on. I don’t like fish. Not the look, taste, smell or idea of it. This could be due to The Little Mermaid and her friend flounder but mostly I am terribly picky. I unwrapped the skinned meat and flipped it onto the foil. Seasoning it salt and other favorites I am missing 1 thing. I go the fridge and reach for a bright yellow lemon to top off my salmon. I drenched this thing in lemon juice to eliminate any possibility of it tasting fishy.

After completing the life of the timer I remove the meat from the oven, no fishy smell. I pull the foil back, flap by flap, steam puffs out but still no fishy smell. I cut the meat in half and place it on my plate along with my sides. I prepare my first taste by squeezing more lemon onto my bite full fork. My lips meet the utensil; this is it here I go. I place the food on my tongue and feel the salmon fall apart on my taste buds. It tasted like fluffy, lemon soaked chicken. What was I so afraid of?!

As this 7 day cleanse concludes and Arbonne is 10 days away from being complete I am happy this program has forced to stretch my boundaries and try new things. For daily updates follow my Instagram @haylistory and if you like what you read subscribe to my page!



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