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Arbonne Day 15!

Half way there and I am still chugging along. Today marks the first day of the 7 day cleanse product. I am a bit nervous knowing this product will help flush out the remaining toxins in my body but I am excited to see and feel the results once the last of this supplement is finished. This past week was better with the new recipes I incorporated into my diet however I did go out to eat…Yikes! I stayed on track and here is how I did it.

My boyfriend wanted to treat me to a dinner out and I was petrified. I thought there is no way I will be able to eat out and still be within my diet. I couldn’t turn down a date though; gotta take them when they come right? We chose to go to Cracker Barrel knowing they had decent low calorie options. 

Looking at the menu my mouth watered over the buttermilk biscuits but I had to remind myself “eat for purpose, not for pleasure.” I found this great grilled chicken spinach strawberry salad but had to have it tailored to fit my diet. The salad came with cheese, pecans and a strawberry vinaigrette which were all no-no’s in the 30 day challenge by Arbonne. So I ordered my meal without the restricted items and added a baked sweet potato for my complex carb. I  asked how they prepared it and turns out Cracker Barrel adds butter and brown sugar to their baked sweet potato. My only question is why add sugar to a naturally sweet food?

My date night was a success and I am happy to have eaten a meal that not only tasted good but was guilt free and in my diet restriction. My point is you can eat and have fun as long as you keep in mind why you are eating. It has become more evident to me that in our culture we use food and drinks as the center of socializing and while I love doing that it isn’t the best for my body. I try to keep in the back of my mind to “eat for purpose, not pleasure;” food is for fuel and it is what we should focus on more day-to-day oppose to getting our next fix.

In the next 5 days I will try salmon for the first time. I personally don’t like fish at all but am willing to give it a shot. Follow my Instagram for daily updates and read Arbonne Day 20 to see how the salmon went. #hayliestory.


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