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Arbonne Day 10!

I’m 1/3 of the way there! Over coming my first weekend out with friends was hard but I stayed strong. What’s so amazing about Arbonne is the network they have to help you through your 30 days. My consultant added me to a community Facebook page not only to look to for support and inspiration but to get new recipe ideas. But was it enough to get through a night out?

11:00 am I met with a friend at the International Festival; I was so excited to be reunited with her! We walk into the building and instantly the aroma of food sweeps under my nose and I am beginning the fight. So many different  foods to be tempted with; some spicy, some sweet and most high in carbs; I want them all. My friend and I stop at the concession stand so she can buy popcorn. While I could not eat it I sure did love the smell of it. Once we were finished at the festival we moved on to a coffee-house down the street. 

Most coffee houses have sweet diligent coffee concoction that my diet will not permit. She ordered a lavender deliciousness while I went with a peppermint tea. The tea was served in the most unique way I have ever experienced. We caught up on things in our lives and had a wonderful visit. But my battle wasn’t over I was going out with family friends that evening.

I packed up the meal I was going to have for dinner; broccoli, chicken, mushroom stir fry with brown rice noodles. My boyfriend and I headed to my mothers and discovered she had not yet eaten. While I made my stir fry my mother, boyfriend, step dad, and a few friends ate pizza. It was taco pizza which I don’t like but because I couldn’t have it I wanted it more. I finished my dish and was satisfied I stuck with the program.

9:00 pm We all packed up the cars and headed to the bars to meet some friends. Luckily I got a recipe from the 30 days to fit Facebook page my consultant added me to involving a pomegranate fizz stick, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and water. I filled a bottle with this and asked the bar tender for a wine glass so I could feel like I was drinking too. Everyone asked what wine was in my glass which was great because I felt like I was drinking and having fun even though I was sober sally with my fizz stick drink.

From this past weekend I learned just how important it is to change up recipes and keep things on hand. In fact I made a delicious taco bowl mix for dinner on day 8 and made myself some protein cups containing my chocolate protein, coconut oil and almond butter YUM! Through the support of the Facebook page, my awesome consultant and all of you I am staying strong. Recipes are the best way to power through this. For more updates follow my Instagram @hayliestory.

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