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Arbonne Day 1!

Do you ever wake up and wish you could change something? Or do you workout, minimum 3 times a week, feel like you give it your all and see no results? I have been feeling like this for a while and after I decided to start the Bodyboss challenge I knew I would not be successful without eating right. For those of you who don’t know Bodyboss  is a circuit training program focused on toning. The issue with a program like Bodyboss is if you are not eating clean then the results will not be as great as anticipated. Because of my drive to be as successful with this fitness routine as possible I started looking for a dietary program that would compliment my circuit training.

While at work I spotted a shake on a coworkers desk. I have tried different shakes ranging from Shakology to GNC Lean Shakes and even Herbal Life Formula 1. Knowing the kind of person this coworker is I had a hard time believing she would participate in one of these dietary regiments. I asked her what she was drinking and that is when she educated me on the brand Arbonne. I will be honest I was completely skeptical but willing to give it a chance. She gave me the vanilla flavor to try and it was the reason I decided to go on the 30 Days to Fit Challenge.

For me a good tasting product is 70% of the battle. If you don’t like what you are drinking how are you suppose to do it repeatedly? The other 30% is the program itself. I have never made it to the program for the other shakes because they did not taste good to me; hence why I feel taste is 70%. But if you make it past the taste then having a great program to back the specific product will make you more motivated and dedicated to complete the challenge.

Today is Day 1 of my Arbonne 30 Days to Fit Challenge! I have been so excited to start this. I have read several blogs and searched different sites which has only confirmed this was a great decision for me. Out of all the products I have tried I do feel Arbonne is the most reasonably priced. I spent $150 on 1 flavor of Shakeology powder alone! By investing a bit more I gained 2 flavors of protein (instead of committing to just one flavor), a community of supporters, recipes ideas to keep the 30 days fresh and several other products making this one of the better valued products I have invested in.

I am doing Arbonne 30 Days to Fit Challenge so I can fully commit to the Bodyboss challenge. To loose weight will be a bonus but the most important thing for me is to get my body healthy and happy. Keep up on my Instagram @haylistory and subscribe to my blog for my progress updates. If you have questions about the products I mention feel free to contact me through social media or by commenting below. Thank you for all you support!

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