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Arbonne After Day 30!

I did it! I completed the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge through Arbonne. There were times that were really hard and I had a melt down (or multiple) but I am so glad I stuck to it. Not only did I complete the full 30 days but I didn’t let myself down by quitting early. So the questions now are 1.) How was the program overall and 2.) Will I continue on this diet?

1.) How was the program overall?

Overall I really liked the program. In previous posts I talked about the amazing support system and how tasty the shakes are. With all things there are positives and negatives and while I don’t think the bad out weighs the good I do think they are important to share.


Support System- Not only was my consultant on board with helping me achieve my goals but so was the social media groups and the loyal followers of the brand. In fact after sharing my journey on Instagram I had the pleasure of communicating with Chanel Ortega who also showed her support while completing my 30 days.

Easy to Follow- Being a communications major I had to watch every persuasive documentary about food that was available to stream; this being said I knew what was bad for me but wasn’t really following through. Arbonne gave an easy to follow day-by-day meal structure I was able to stay on track for the duration of the 30 days.

Taste-The true challenge to any diet program is the taste. I have tried GNC Leanshake, Herbal Life, Shakeology and even the knock off of Slimfast but Arbonne comes out on top for having the best taste which made the program that much easier.

After Program- Being on the program you have support and a 30 day supply of everything you need but it doesn’t end there. Arbonne has great products you can use to stay on track. For instance I purchased their new flavors of protein snack bars which taste great and leaves me full.


Discipline- While the program is easy to follow it took a large amount of discipline to get through and my dedication was tested multiple times during the program. While following it through the week was easy the weekends made me want to quit every time. I learned just how food centered our socializing is and I felt left out among loved ones because I could not indulge in the same food as them.

Price- Arbonne products are not poorly priced however if the shake powder was just $10 less it would be that much better. Also if you do not live near a farmers market or a grocery store that focuses on organic produce this program can be pricey outside of the Arbonne box of goodies.

I only had 2 negatives and the first was a me issue but may not be a challenge you battle. I highly suggest this program to anyone wanting to start a healthy lifestyle. Now for question 2.

2.)Will I continue the diet?

To an extent yes. I worked hard for 30 days and feel amazing. I don’t want to lose this state of health however I want to feel like I am socializing with my friends. I have full intent of following the dietary restrictions most of the time but when I am craving a dish I will swap out specific ingredients to make it a little better. For example lasagna. I made this dish 2 days after my cleanse and swapped out several ingredients to make it less bad for me. I swapped out the regular noodles for brown rice noodles, pork sausage for chicken sausage, 2% cottage cheese for Lactaid brand and mozzarella for vegan cheese. The only really bad product in the dish was my Emeril sauce which was not worth swapping.

If you are thinking about making a change and starting a healthy lifestyle don’t wait just do it. We have 1 body for the rest of our lives and treating it well now will make it more efficient later. If you think Arbonne might be a good fit talk to a consultant about trying a sample. I am so glad Jess Ovall, my consultant, got me involved in this program.


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