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Why Every Woman Should Attend An Auto Show

You are sitting at a dealership and the salesman is doing 1 of 2 things. 1- He is treating you like dirt because you are woman and a waste of his time. 2- He is trying to take advantage of you and make you pay nearly double the market price.

Let’s face it! Women get taken advantage of in the auto industry; especially if you are young. It happens at an auto dealership, it happens at a repair shop and can even happen getting your oil changed. Young women are often perceived as ignorant to everything auto. I will admit I am no motor head nor do cars peak my interest but I don’t enjoy being taken advantage of. We need to put a stop to this stereotype. This is why all women should go to an auto show! They are fun, harmless and a great date idea for you and your significant other .Here are the 5 reasons all women should go to an auto show:

1.) No Commitment

That’s right! You can sit in several cars, try out all sorts of models and you have not commitment to buy. There are no “sleazy” salesmen ready to take advantage of your lack of knowledge or worse, treat you like you don’t matter. I love sitting in the different vehicles and getting a better idea of what vehicle I may want to purchase in the future.

2.) Learning Opportunities

This is the best place to learn more about the auto industry! Get to know the different makes and models. Discover what you like and dislike. Learn the new trends and what the market value for vehicles typically run. I have learned so much attending auto shows not to mention the confidence I have gained. Confidence is essential when negotiating at a dealership!

3.) Discover the Brand

Each brand has a why. At an auto show you have the opportunity to discover a brands voice. This is your chance to go beyond what vehicle you like and build brand loyalty. Is this a must in car buying? No, but it does help secure your confident decision to purchase a specific vehicle.

4.) Date Night

This is an awesome date night idea. For one, your significant other will think you are the bomb dot com for wanting to go to an auto show; (most) guys are total motor heads. Two, this is a great bonding experience. This is where your man can shine. Ask him questions about the cars and learn more about the auto industry. He will feel like a man for you coming to him and you will learn more about the auto industry form a person you are comfortable with; again building confidence.

5.) Free Stuff

There is so much free stuff! From sweepstakes, swag and even virtual simulators! I have seen Lego sculptures, life sized hot wheel models and even virtual ride experiences. Cadillac had a car-e-oke display where you could sing to your favorite tune in a Cadillac while filming and then upload your video to social media! How cool is that?!

Let’s put a stop to the assumption of women being ignorant to the auto industry. Do yourself a favor and trick your boyfriend into taking you to an auto show so you can study up before the big buy. Discover your preferences, enjoy free stuff and bond with your significant other over the auto industry!


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