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Toledo Dates on a Budget

Sitting in the office, waiting for 5pm, I am so excited for date night with my significant other. There is just one little problem; we planned nothing. This happens every week. I rush home to see my honey and then we waste 1-2 hours debating on where to go while I grow more hangry. In the midst of our debate money comes up and more often than not I didn’t finically plan for a date night. If this sounds like you here are my choices for Toledo Dates on a Budget!

*Note: These are estimated price points.

Under $10

Toledo Metropark
Have you been to one recently? They are amazing. From paddleboat ponds to bike trails there is sure to be something you and your significant other will enjoy. Check my link in Toledo Must Do’s: Summer Lovin’ Edition for more details on what your park has to offer.

Walk Along The Docks
You don’t have to eat at The Docks in order to enjoy the river view. Take a stroll along the river, ignite thought provoking conversation and get romantic under the stars.

Toledo Botanical Garden
There is no charge for admission or for parking. They are only open during daylight hours meaning, this one is best for a Saturday afternoon. Be mindful of the different events Toledo Botanical Gardens hosts throughout the summer season, they do cost money. The events are listed on their website here.

Toledo Museum of Art
You only have to pay for parking. I was shocked and over joyed to find this out. My boyfriend and I recently did this outing and it was so amazing. We gazed upon art, indulged in history and made incredible conversation over the pieces we experienced.

Toledo Zoo
If you are a resident of Lucas Country you can visit the zoo on Monday’s for free. I know this isn’t a Friday night date excursion but still a nice option for a Monday night.

Silver Screen Classics
The Valentine offers a unique experience to watch a classic film on the big screen in their theater. The coolest part is viewing the film the same way people did back when it was released. I watched Gone With The Wind and absolutely loved it. I suggest sitting in the balcony for viewing.



Dates Under $25

Movie Night
Whether you are going to the drive-in or head to your local Cinemark movie nights are always fun. Depending on where you go determines the price but I typically spend around $21 for a Cinemark and $16-18 for the drive-in. Also, don’t forget about discount Tuesday’s, at participating Cinemarks, where the cost is $5.75 a ticket!

Most places downtown my boyfriend and I can get 2 drinks a piece and an appetizer for under $25. This all depends on what you get, the quantity and where you go. At Maumee Bay Brewing Co. you can each get the $7 sample plank and share mozzarella sticks for under $25.

Imagination Station
For those of you with an inner child this is the place for you. We typically save these for when we have our niece or nephew with us but for the price, you can’t beat the fun. If you are a Lucas County resident you can save $1.50 off your admission ticket and kids, under 12, get in free with a purchase of an adult ticket.

20 North Gallery
In “My ‘Fave’ Downtown Spots” I talk about how cool this place is. It is a unique experience and different from the typical bar scene. You can probably get away with 1 drink per person and tip but this varies depending on what drink you order



Under $60

Although there are several places you can dine under $40 The Docks provides a unique experience for that extra special date night. The Docks has a variety of restaurants ranging from Italian, Mexican, Sea Food and Sushi. Also, you get a discount if you go on your birth date! Check out their establishments here.

Live Performance
Whether you are going to see a show at The Valentine or rock out to music at a concert in Hensville most tickets are $25-$30 per head. Again, this does vary. Check out the upcoming performances at The Valentine here.

I love going to Mud Hens and Walleye games. They are so fun and lively. For under $60 you can get 2 tickets and 2 beers, depending on the day and seating arrangement you choose.

Drinking Festivals
Toledo has several of these including The Glass City Wine Festival and Beer Fest. The tickets cost anywhere from $25-$50 a person. We typically go with the standard tickets making the cost be $60 total for our date night.

Go All Out
At Levis Commons there are several options you can choose from to go all out on your date.
Dinner & a Movie- there are 12 restaurants at Levis Commons along with a Cinemark. Order your movie ticket online and enjoy a nice dinner with your significant other.
Pub and Dessert-At Bar Louie you can get a drink and app per person and still be under budget to go for dessert at Schakolad Chocolate Factory.
Toledo Funny Bone-so many forget about this, I do too. Not only can you go enjoy a night of comedy but you can also get dinner an drinks as well.

Now you can be more prepared when 5pm Friday hits. You and your significant other can spend less time debating and more time enjoying the evening together. Note, these price points are estimated and may change depending on what you order (standing ticket vs. seat ticket, more drinks, extra food ect.). I love spending my Friday nights with my boyfriend. What is your favorite way to spend a date night? Comment below followed by a #hayliestory.

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