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Spontaneous=Best Decisions

Do you ever make a last minute decision to do something? If you follow my posts you would know I am pretty spontaneous in the sense of making last minute decisions on trips, concerts or food. To me these are some of the best decisions because you don’t allow yourself much time to back out or change your mind, you just go for it! Well last Friday I made a spontaneous decision and you know what I don’t regret it!

So there we were at a local pizza pub, Home Slice, in down town Toledo, OH enjoying a date night. I had started a new job and being my 30 day cleanse starts soon we scheduled this date. While there we spotted a coworker; although because we are both awkward we didn’t want to make a big scene. Sipping on our beers and enjoying the delicacy that Home Slice offers in their thin crust pizza we glance around at how many people are pregameing for the Walleye Play Off Game down the street.

Drinking our second beer while waiting for my credit card to be returned our coworker came over to say hi. She talked about going to the game and how it was a last minute decision. After a few minutes of catching up she and her friend headed out to attend the play off game. Inspired by her story I gave my boyfriend a look which he read well. He then voices my inner thoughts “wanna go to the game?”

“I’m so glad we are on the same page.”I replied.

He began to search for seats and believe it or not there were 2 adjacent seats available. We went for it! It’s the play offs and how often do you get to see a play off game? After finishing our beers we go trotting down the street ready to witness this exciting sporting event.

The game was intense; obviously it’s a play off game! Of all sports I love watching hockey live the most because it’s fast paced and there is so much fire you witness at least 1 fight per game. The Walleye didn’t disappoint. First period and they were already fighting with the opposing team. By the end of the first period it was tied and I needed a drink.

Second period even more heat and again tied. At this point I tried my best to “talk smack” and it didn’t go so well as you can see in the video below. I was so stressed out I needed another drink. By the third period everyone was at the edge of their seat. Score was 2-2 and there were only a few minutes left on the clock. The opposing team almost scored but the Walleye kept that puck out of that goal. Down to the last fighting 40 seconds and at this point I begin to get nervous because if we go into over time I won’t be able to get another beer since they just had last call for alcohol. With 30 seconds left of the game the Walleye scored! We were almost there just had to keep the opposing team from scoring in those last few seconds. The clock dropped to 0 seconds and the entire stadium went wild. The Toledo Walleye are still in the play offs!

After this experience it was only logic to hit the streets of down town Toledo and celebrate with the rest of the spectators. Catching up with some friends, hitting up a few bars and losing count on the amount of beers I had total it was time to call it a night. Although we hadn’t planned to go to the game or out on the town I am so glad we made a last minute decision to do so. The say people are more likely to regret what they didn’t do rather than what they did. If an opportunity is available to you go for it; you never know where it might take you or the memories you keep.

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