Nelly, Margaritas and Hangry!

When Nelly is in town there is no doubt we are going to check him out! Who cares if the head liners are New Kids on the Block Nelly makes it “hot in here”. While the concert was undoubtedly amazing and Nelly did bring down the house, the pre-concert margaritas are the inspiration for this entry. You are probably wondering why I would talk about margaritas and not girls throwing their undergarments at Nelly.

There are 2 reasons : 1.) I didn’t have my glasses so I couldn’t see that well.

2.) I may or may not have had too many pre-                                                        concert drinks and don’t remember the details                                                aside from Nelly dominating the night!

It all starts with a spontaneous decision to go to a New Kids on the Block concert because Nelly was performing. Side note most my decisions are made last minute and that will be proven in future entries. My friend and I had a plan to stay at her sister’s apartment so we could cut costs down. Turns out we weren’t the only one’s ready to experience Nelly; several of our sorority sisters were going as well. In conclusion we coordinated a get together prior to the concert.

Everyone was in the mood for tacos so naturally we chose an establishment with an outdoor sandbar and $5 pitcher margaritas. We did what any normal group of girls would do; order our drinks, an appetizer and while we wait for our food dug our toes in the sand on this beautiful summer day. One of the girls was 4 months pregnant and water was her way of getting through the 80 degree weather. We were laughing, having a good time and before you know it we all needed another pitcher of margaritas. Now at this point our soon to-be-mother friend was 4 waters and 2 bathroom breaks in.

After receiving our second drink we have all visited the bathroom and began to get hangry. We started to question where our food was but the waitress was no help. A few of us chose to go for the taco bar while others were set on their meal they ordered. The mother-to-be was furious and rightfully so she has had 5 waters and hasn’t eaten in almost 7 hours.

Finally she, the mother-to-be, had enough! She stormed up to the wait staff, wore a big smile and cocked her head to the right to say “Listen, each of my friends are 2 pitchers of alcohol in on a hot day, we are going to see Nelly in 30 minutes, been waiting for our food for over an hour and being 4 months pregnant and 7 hours without food is a recipe for disaster. Either you get our food out here in 5 minutes or we will all leave without paying or tipping. Thank you so much for you understanding I look forward to seeing my food on the table when I return from the restroom.” Know that this friend is one of the nicest people I know so the fact she gave the wait staff a piece of her mind means she was furious also I think she was beyond hangry as we all were.

Sure enough our food came we chowed down checked out and went on our way to see Nelly!

From this day forward I always say yes to an opportunity to experience something because making memories with loved ones is what makes life worth while. Also always bring a friend who is willing to speak their mind when your food isn’t coming because being hungry and drunk before a concert is no fun. This was another #hayliestory.



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