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My ‘Fave’ Downtown Spots

Living in a small town with nothing to do you learn the art of being creative. Living in Toledo, OH I don’t have to try so hard to find something to do. While going to a Mud Hens game is fun I really enjoy hitting downtown and discovering spots to spend my evening.

Here are some of my favorite places downtown:


Maumee Bay Brewing Company 

The food is good but I come here for the brew. They offer a beer sampling on their drinks menu. This is a great way to taste the variety of beers they have in season and get a little tipsy (if you are a light weight). I will warn you it gets hot in the restaurant at times but it is worth it.



 Ye Olde Duty Bird

This is a unique environment equipped with live music, back patio and a Jeep! I come here for the live music which ranges from rock, pop, raggae and even jazz. One night the University of Toledo band came marching though the entire location. This is more than just a bar they offer a variety of food; I highly suggest the burgers.



This charming “Pub ‘N Cheer” has a grilled cheese to die for. This 4 cheese sandwich melts in your mouth. They also have an awesome breakfast on Sunday’s served with mimosa’s. If you are looking for an intimate location that can serve both as your dinner and party spot Manhattan’s is the place to go.



Home Slice 

It’s the end of the night and you need food pronto. Home Slice is the best place after partying it up all night. It is quiet, serves alcohol and has amazing pizza. I didn’t like thin crust until I had Home Slice. In fact I have had this pizza for lunch many times; it’s that good. The exposed brick is my favorite physical feature in this location. The saying goes “there are pizza cravings and then there is Home Slice cravings.”


20 North Gallery

If you are looking for a classy atmosphere you can drink wine and gaze upon local artists work then 20 North Gallery is the place for you. We stumbled upon this incredible location recently after being hypnotized by the colorful art and piano that entice you through the window. The owner and bartender were hospitable and eager to share their passion. Be sure to stop by on a night you can meet one of the artists; the conversation is fascinating.


Coming from a small town with nothing I am amazed at all the things Toledo, Ohio has to offer. It is easy to become unappreciative to something we have grown accustomed to; rediscover downtown Toledo.

Check back for more posts about cheap dates, fairs and festivals and the must do things for the rest of the summer.

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