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My ‘Fave’ Unique Bar Experiences

If you follow my Instagram you would know how much I enjoy going Downtown Toledo and having a few drinks at the local bars. I may enjoy sipping on my brew but I stay for the entertainment. I admire the different quirks that make each establishment unique. Although discovering the personality of each bar is fun there are a few night life experiences that stand out above the rest.

Here are My ‘Fave’ Unique Bar Experiences:


The Red Moon Speakeasy

In all the hustle and bustle of Put In Bay there is a quaint bar in the middle of it all. The fun quirk about this location is the theme. Located in the 144 year old Park Hotel, this spot stays true to its prohibition roots. The Red Moon Speakeasy hours are not shared but they have a special way of letting you know they are open. Next time you are near the Roundhouse Bar or on The Chicken Patio look for the red light on the front porch of The Park Hotel and take a step back in time at The Red Moon Speakeasy.




Most people go to the Ohio Amish Country to enjoy the landscape and soak up the Amish culture. Believe it or not, they have a great wine tasting/beer tasting/concert hall/restaurant/grocery store located in Surgarcreek, Oh. What makes Swissters unique is the location. Who knew such a fun, modern establishment would be in the middle of Ohio Amish Country. Because of how unpredictable this establishments’ location is I count this as a unique bar experience.


The HandleBar Toledo

This is unique to Toledo, Oh but there are variations of this found in other cities as well. What a genius idea to have people pedal to the next bar while sitting and drinking at a bar. It is crazy. The best part about the HandelBar Toledo is accommodation. You can take a group of people on one pedal hub, hold more than a taxi, and bar hop while drinking. Oh, and you get your exercise in so the drinks are guilt free. I know I will be planning my next girl’s night out on one of these in Downtown Toledo.



The City Walk

Located on Universal Studios property in Orlando, Fl and Universal City, CA this is on my list for its fun quirk of creativity. It’s not really a bar it is a night life hub. With several themed restaurants lined up and around the landscape your night is spent fast. One minute you can be sipping on a margarita in Margaritaville and the next you are enjoying wine at Emeril’s. If you haven’t gone yet I highly advise you spend one evening in The City Walk. They have a great New Years Eve Bash for under $100.


The Draft Taproom

This may seem like your typical sports bar but this Charlottesville, VA hidden gem is an experience worth traveling to. This location made it on this list for it’s innovation. Using a weight system, this bar allows you to swipe a card and fill your own glass with your beer of choice. The Draft Taproom has a wide selection of beers from IPA to stouts and everything in between. They offer several glass sizes allowing you to either sample several beers or enjoy a 16oz of your favorite beer. I felt like a kid in a candy store and of course I tried just about everything. Check out the video on my Instagram @hayliestory.


I loving having a few drinks and enjoying the entertainment the nightlife has offered me. I appreciate the extra thought and effort that goes into these unique bar experiences. I want to hear from you. What are some of your ‘fave’ unique bar experiences and where are they located?

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