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Glass City Wine Festival

Some say I am a wineo and to argue them would be silly since they are right. I love wine tastings because it’s not just about the flavor or booze but there is always history behind local wineries that attract me more to the brand. The 2017 Glass City Wine Festival is a great way to learn about local wineries and get buzzed at the same time. I experienced this as a VIP guest however it does cost a little more but totally worth it.

As a VIP guest I had the luxury of entering the event an hour early which was appreciated since the line waits got long about midway through the event. By the end of the night we waited almost 25-30 minutes for a sampling which is long compared to the 2-5 minute wait we had most of the evening. Also in that first hour, since there aren’t as many people, I had the chance to talk to each winery and learn their history; this is important to me and it gives the wine that much more charm.

Jazz fills the room, lighting is dim and several illuminating displays hanging from the ceiling creates a lounge atmosphere that sets the tone for a night full of wine tasting. Admiring the atmosphere I take a moment to enjoy the music. I started my night at Buckeye Winery.

Buckeye Winery is located in Newark, Ohio and has been open for 10 years. They even have an opportunity to make your own wine at their establishment; how cool. At the festival they had flavorful choices like Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, Jalapeno and even Watermelon. I went with the Cotton Candy “melt in your mouth, not your hands.” The phrase was true this wine melted in my mouth just like the sugary fluff found at carnivals only instead of leaving me sticky I got rosy and giggly.

Next I tried Al-Bi Winery located Dellroy, Ohio in Atwood Lake. Established in 2003 Al-Bi Winery gets grapes sourced from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, California and Washington. The wine selection was interesting with names like Foreplay and Bodacious Blackberry it was hard to choose which wine to try. I have been on a mission to find a nice table red wine and with this in mind I tried the Lakeside Red. This wine was a bit more sweet than I was looking for but delicious and since I was able to try it in the 419 it tasted better!

Finally I tried Grindstone Pink from Old Mill Winery. Old Mill is located in Geneva, Ohio and provides wines ranging from dry to sweet. This isn’t just a winery Old Mill has a full menu so you can taste and dine in the atmosphere Old Mill Winery provides. Grindstone Pink is a Sweet Catawba with a fruity flavor. This was a personal favorite of the three featured in this entry.

After 3 hours of tasting I was feeling pretty fruity from all the samples. There were many other wines I tired but these are the three that stood out. For a list of participating winery’s and vendors visit http://www.glasscitywinefestival.com/wineries.html. Comment below with a #haylistory followed by your favorite kind of wine.

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