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“You Had 1 Job”

Although I will be taking you behind the scenes of fairs and festivals this season there are few stories from my queen days that are too good to not share. My story begins at the Apple Festival. The Apple Festival is located at Oak Harbor, Ohio on the second weekend of October. There is apple everything apple butter, apple pie, apple ice cream and even apple pop corn. If you are looking for an atmosphere to get you in the fall mood Oak Harbor Apple Festival is the way to go.

My royalty court consisted of a Little Master, Little Miss, Prince, Prince Runner-Up, Princess, Princess Runner-Up, Queen Runner-Up, a King and myself as Queen. This is a fairly large court considering we come from a small town. As a member of the court we are invited to a fun brunch hosted before the big parade at each festival. At these events we dine, get freebies and network to get invited to other fairs.

When we arrived at the Apple Festival brunch we were welcomed with 2 gift bags, a goodie bag, a diary and a chocolate cupcake topped with green frosting shaped like a leaf and a little worm coming out to look like a apple. The things these other courts would come up with were so thoughtful and adorable. The courts used these items to tell a story and we all know I like a good story.

So being the king and I are the oldest of the group we take responsibility of the little miss and little master. I specifically told the king “Do not let them eat that cupcake 1.) they will be on a sugar high and their parents will kick our rear and 2.) they will make a mess.” Simple task I told the king right? Yeah, I thought so too. The princess did not want to go to the restroom alone so I walked with her to use the facilities.

GREEN! Green and brown all over these white sashes of the little master and little miss. I’m talking just smothered all over their hands, their arms, their chins, their cheeks. Their tongue is green, which is a problem because we have to speak in front of all these people after the parade. Oh and so much energy! The king could read my expression and immediately defended himself “They just went for it.”
“You Had 1 Job! I don’t care if they just went for it you are the oldest and should have listened to my instructions. I was gone for a total of 8 minutes…8 MINUTES and now they are a mess!”
I took the little miss to the restroom to clean her up and the king did the same with the little master.

In the end we had a blast and I became hooked on traveling and experiencing the personality of each fair. Note never let a little kid in evening wear eat a chocolate cupcake! Keep and eye out for part 2 of this story where I argue with an 8 year old on ‘Love’​ This was another #hayliestory.

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