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When a Grocery Store Trip Leaves You Perplexed

There are days I look in the mirror and feel amazing then there are other days I think ” I shouldn’t have ate that cookie.” Regardless positive reinforcement from an outside source is always boosting except for when it is borderline creepy. That’s right I got a really nice compliment but in a slightly bizarre way. I am still racking my brain over it.

I just got my hair cut and colored by a fabulous stylist in my college town. I walked out feeling like a million bucks; most likely because I felt like I had spent that much. With my new hair and radiant confidence I made a trip to the grocery store. Now I didn’t make that trip just because my hair was awesome the truth was I really needed food.

There I was debating on getting goat milk ice cream or if I should just stick to the regular; ice cream is ice cream no matter where it comes from it is still loaded with sugar and high in calories so what does it matter? As I debate this a male about 5’8″ a little stocky with dark hair, black framed glasses, a grey v-neck and cargo shorts says “Miss…um..miss”

Little did I know he was talking to me.

“Miss I really need to tell you something”

Oh crap he is talking to me well I’ve been rude…did I drop something?

“I just wanted to say that you are gorgeous and when I saw you in the isle I just felt the need to say you are beautiful and whoever you are with he is really lucky.”

“Oh well thank you that was really nice.”

“Well I hope you have a great night.”

“You as well” Stunned of what just happened I wasn’t sure if I should be illuminating from a random persisted compliment of that nature or perplexed that I got hit on at the grocery store.

Although I am still debating on whether this was creepy or stellar I am appreciative of the compliment especially since I had just got my hair done. Tell me what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Instagram and use #hayliestory.

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