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Meeting the Parents Half Naked

So you have met a cute guy. You have been hanging out with him often and may even have the official Facebook status. You have bragged to your friends about how wonderful he is. He wants you to meet his parents! EEEEEK!! This is the most nerve racking experience. I can assure you meeting his parents will be a piece of cake once you hear my story.

No matter how small your college may be everyone has a sense of pride. Our university was hosting a blackout for a competitive football game during November. I was an active in a Greek Organization and was roped into participating in the blackout attire competition; sorority style. The attire we chose was black yoga pants, black sport bras, black paint and us spelling out GO BERG on our midriffs. I will be honest, I am not the most confident in my skin so this was not only bold for me but a bit nerve wracking.

About 2 weeks prior to the big game I told my boyfriend, at the time, that a group of my sorority sisters and I were going to paint ourselves for the big blackout game. He thought it was cool and let me know it may be a bit cold. I was hoping he was wrong.

One hour before the game we all met up to have a shot for some liquid courage. After the cheers we began our transformation from sport bras and exposed stomachs to black paint and GO BERG. We strutted our confidence all the way to the field to cheer on our school. At half time my boyfriend came up to me and said “you look good babe”

“Thanks” I replied, hoping I was looking more confident than I may have felt.

He then proceeded to say “I want you to meet my family.”

“Oh cool,” I was excited we were taking this to the next level.

“Here they come” he said, as he pointed to a group of individuals. I am sweating! I was thinking here..now..while I’m half dressed!

He greets his family and that is when I am introduced to his mom, dad and brother HALF NAKED! I was so embarrassed. I expressed my concern and how uncomfortable I was and he said “They’ll like your school spirit.”  I pretended I had a sweater the whole time I was speaking to his mom. I was just praying they didn’t think less of me.

In the end everything turned out fine. They didn’t think less of me and my sorority sisters and I won the blackout attire contest!

If you are freaking out about meeting his parents just remember you aren’t half naked. You will do great! Go in the confident self that you are when you are around him. They will love you because you love their son so much. If all else fails take a shot for liquid courage.

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