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First Time for Everything

There is a first time for everything. A first kiss, a first ride down a slide and a first time to watch the sunset on the ocean. Well this story has to do with a first at a restaurant, food experience and even broccoli. The most interesting part was being with my higher ups during all of this. Talk about pressure to be prim and proper. Well if you want to know how I managed my awkwardness keep reading along.

So there I was sitting among other co-workers waiting for our higher ups in one of the the nicest restaurants in town, from what I have heard. The sun was shinning in creating an illuminating atmosphere and truthfully I was just thankful to not be in my cubicle.  Once our higher ups arrived we began looking at the menu and all I see is sea food which being a Japanese establishment makes sense. First time being at the place and I am a bundle of nerves with my higher ups. At that moment we agreed as a group to move to a table to accommodate hibachi.

First time being at a restaurant and now the first time experiencing hibachi. I had no idea what to expect but I knew I was hungry, nervous and enjoying the sunlight coming through the large windows. As the chef began he put some sort of liquid on the grill and said “burning eyebrows” and I thought what did he say. The flame blew up and I learned what he said; I also moved my chair back because I wanted to keep my eyebrows. Watching the chef I pondered if he was a chef or performer since he seemed to be doing both nicely.

The chef finished our rice and meat with a spectacle and it was on to the veggies. Everyone at the table was engaged by the show he provided and one by one each tried to catch a broccoli with their mouth. Some failed and others succeeded. I tried not to make eye contact simply because I can’t catch, I don’t like broccoli, and my boss was seated to my right and who wants to look foolish in front of their boss? Everyone cheered “It’s Haylie’s turn, it’s Haylie’s turn.”

“oh no I’m good”

A co-worker seated to my left leaned over toward me and said “Awe come on it’s just for fun”

I thought ya fun to look a fool and eat something I don’t like. At this moment my boss seated to my right attempted the trick and failed which meant I was the only one yet to go. The broccoli  was spinning on the chefs utensil and with a flick it zoomed my way. Here is comes either in my mouth where my taste buds will resent me or on my face and hair smelling like food all day. I opened my mouth as wide as possible waiting for the vegetable to enter my mouth but instead it side swiped my cheek and landed on the floor. Failure! At least I didn’t have to eat it. My boss leaned over and said “nice try.”

“yea the others made it look easy.” I replied

The lunch concluded and we headed back to work. I experienced 3 firsts that day. 1.) the restaurant, 2.) hibachi and 3.) trying to catch broccoli with my mouth. Luckily my boss has a good sense of humor and I didn’t look too stupid but I hope to never experience something that embarrassing in front of a boss again. However if something like this didn’t happen would it be a #hayliestory?

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