Daily Battles

Dream Crushing Toddler

​As a kid we all have our intense level of pretense. I am talking you are deep in an amazon jungle and a snake is after you when in real life its a pillow in your grandmas bedroom. The best part was how deep our imagination would get. It was like we were dreaming wide awake.

It was Christmas day and my cousin and I were only a couple years apart. He was my rival the reason I was no longer the center of attention. We are still mortal enemies.

Well like any kids we went to town on all our goodies. He got a stupid Starwars gun and other toddler stuff I wasn’t into. I got a guitar/microphone set. I wanted this so badly. I thought finally I can sing loud enough for Nsync to hear me and get a chance to tour with them.

After dinner it was my time to shine. I set up my mic and guitar and began to play my heart out. My grandmas living room soon became Madison Square Garden and it was a packed house. Everything was going well. The spot light was on me and everyone was cheering. Then my cousin happened. A three year old nemesis ruined my dream world with his Starwars Gun in hand and the following words: “Concerts over invasion begins.”

Immediately my concert turned into an epic space battle and I was not about that life. To this day I hold a grudge on him. As a 3 year old he destroyed the imaginary world I had dreamed of all Christmas season; shame on him. Of all people his toddler brain should have understood that right?

Well even though we are more like brother and sister than we are cousins he is still family. We have had several accounts where he has stolen my thunder throughout our life. In fact I anticipate the day I announce I’m engaged he will somehow be promoted the same day much like the time I became a finalist for the highly competitive Emmy Internship he announced he was having a baby. What are the odds I mean really? All well it’s another #hayliestory.

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