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“Don’t Go To Zales”

We have all done it. Us ladies have fantasized our engagement ring; what cut, color, style ect. There are so many commercials about how “he went to Jareds” and “Every kiss begins with Kay” we are psychologically filled with shiny thoughts. Fun fact you may shop at Ostermen’s and get a “better deal” at Kay’s but they are owned by the same company. Sterling Jewelers owns several retail stores even Zales so if you want that one of a kind ring I highly suggest going to a locally owned retail store. I only know this because I worked at one of these establishments for a short time.

While at the mall I noticed Zales had a different selection in bridal than the jewelry store I worked at so I wanted to check it out. You have experienced the sales rep shark. The one who after you say “I’m just looking” for the 12th time still tries to entice you with their shiny luster and sparkly displays. I could have walked away and just went about my business but I saw Vera Wang and was curious on how it looked on so I milked it.

“Can I help you find anything today?”

“I’m just looking..just hopeful I suppose.”

“Oh why is that?”

“Well my roommate put a bug in my ear that her fiance and my boyfriend have been talking about rings and she said that she is pretty sure my boyfriend is going to pop the question.”

“Well do you know what you like?”

At this point I sat down and continued talking and directed my interest to Vera Wang. I said I liked the emerald and pear cuts but those were lies. I just wanted to try on the most interesting shapes really. The clerk showed me huge rings I mean they were bulky and flashy, personally way too much for me. I want to have symbol of my engagement to the man I love not the rock I love.

The Vera Wang collection is stunning I must say. Every ring has a sapphire in honor of the first engagement ring. Again the ones the clerk showed were bulky however the rose gold I ended up liking was tastefully exquisite. Loud yes, all of the styles were, but elegant at the same time.

Now at this point I have taken the rep on a ride and I am sure they know it. They sized me and made me fill out a contact card with not only my information including my address, phone, ring size and stock number of the Vera Wang ring but also my boyfriends name and my roommates name. Oh boy I could see this one turning bad.

I thanked the rep and went on my cheery way. After all I was still in role of a “hopeful potential bride and found The Ring.” Since we don’t live together anymore I chose to call my old roommate to warn her. I told her “Don’t go to Zales.” She then asked why and after explaining she laughed and ensured she won’t go there. I then warned my boyfriend which he laughed as well and thought it was both bad and clever to do what I did.

I am outing my lie but it’s funny and for what it’s worth the rep was stellar! Very kind, tentative and professional. This is just another #hayliestory.

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