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Dog Mom Chronicles: S*** Happens

A Pooping Mess

As a novice dog owner I am doing my best to figure things out prior to them happening but sometimes sh*** just happens…literally!

I read somewhere you can calculate the length of time your puppy can hold off going to the bathroom by adding how many months old they are plus 1; which equals how many hours they can last without going potty. Well, being only 3 months old, according to the logic above, Chip could only last about 4 hours. We were about to be gone almost all evening. Way too long for a little puppy to wait to go potty. So, we did what any dog parent would do and let our little guy roam around in a gated part of our house with a puppy pad, food and water…what could go wrong?

POOP! Poop EVERYWHERE! Not just solid tootsie roll looking poop. We are talking diarrhea.

First reaction: “OMG, What have we done?”

My second reaction: “My poor puppy!”

After cleaning up everything, even giving Chip a quick bath, I hit Google for answers. Sure enough you don’t leave food out if you are going to be gone too long or they will munch down out of anxiety…DUH! Hindsight 20/20.

Chip recovered thanks to another Google look up. We never leave food out if we are going to be gone too long and let him roam around. In theory owning a dog isn’t that hard but there are more challenges than perceived. This is the Dog Mom Life…poop and all!

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