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Dancing Passion: Find Your Inner Dancer

Have you ever watched a dancer? When they perform on stage magic happens. There is more than just syncopated movement, impressive tricks; dancer are feeling their movement from their soul. A dance performance is incomparable to other performers. A singer can sing the notes and an actor can entertain you but a dancer moves you. Dancers are doing so much more than counting to 8, they are burning inside with passion. A sensation so deep they have no option but to dance it out.

I studied various genres of dance since age 4. By 18 I was teaching hip hop to pre-teens. Although performing and teaching dance is behind me that passion still burns inside me. I truly feel that I am so passionate because of my dance background. I am incapable of being content and going through the motions. Everything I do I give my 110% because I fully invest myself.

Passion is a thing we hear about on self-help books and from motivational speakers. They always say “find your passion and you will be happy.” What does that mean?

When I arrived at college and experienced the filtered realities of the world; I slowly lost my spirit. I use to love singing and performing. Show choir was my art for a decade. I quickly learned music wasn’t my passion and became lost. What is passion? For so long I thought it was something I was good at or something I thought was fun.

Graduating college I had it in my head as long as I find a good paying job that suits my preferences I will be happy. I had a harsh reality check. I began to believe passion was a myth.

Five weeks ago my world was completely shifted. I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! audiobook on Hoopla Digital. I love talk radio and Gray’s audio content delivered a message that his book wouldn’t do justice to. For the first time I understood this concept people talk about. Passion isn’t defined by what you do, how much money you make or even how happy you are; it’s a burning sensation that is otherwise indescribable. Looking back on my life I found more joy being myself, making videos and talking to people about weekend getaways than anything else. I looked up to Samantha Brown for doing the very thing I love doing. I toss and turn at night over ideas, video concepts and get excited to talk to all of you through my social media channels.

My challenge for you is to find your passion! That burning sensation that makes your soul jump, your heart sing and your brain restless with ideas. Once you find that passion, DO IT! Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there. The worst thing that could happen is not doing anything. I want to hear from you! What is you passion and dream? I am happy to help you in anyway I can to support your journey and chase your dream.

Next time you see a So You Think You Can Dance video watch the performers faces. A dancer has a passion that burns from within. Every extension, pirouette, leap and pause is with a flame burning within. Everyone can be a dancer you just have to find you passion.


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