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Anticipated First Day!

It’s a combination of the first day of school meets Christmas morning. Starting a new job is s mixture of excitement, anxiety and wonder. Making new friends, abiding by new rules and learning the ins and outs of a new position.  The first day of a new job always causes me to regress back to my 5 year old self.

Tossing and turning dreaming of an aquarium office along with nightmares of getting fired; my imagination runs wild the night before the big day. Waking up every hour on the hour much like a child waiting for the arrival of Santa Clause, I await for 6 am to arrive. Finally after long anticipation 5:25 arrives and I choose to rise from my chambers.

Coffee is brewing, outfit is pressed and steam from the shower still lingers. My significant other is in the kitchen preparing our normal morning oats while I style my hair and paint my face. Once I have assembled myself to appear human I walk to the kitchen to eat my oats. After enjoying my breakfast my anxiety sits; I want to be sure I arrive on time. I look at the clock and it is only 6:20am…I have 2 hours before I have to go to work. 

I tossed and turned all night, woke up earlier than I ever do only to have excessive time to kill. This is what happens when my inner 5 year old takes over as I anticipate the new beginning. As far as my first day at my new job goes everything was great. No aquarium office but welcoming team members and collaborative efforts. Have any of you had that first day jitters the night before? Comment below and share a photo of your first day on Instagram using #hayliestory.

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