Life in the 419 couldn’t get any better! Hi I’m Haylie and these are the stories, tips and down right embarrassing moments I want to share with you.
I use to be in a limbo. I had aspirations to become a travel personality like Samantha Brown but was waiting. I was waiting for permission. I had it my head that I needed to move far away for my dreams to come true.

In May 2016 my life expectations got flipped on its’ head when I moved to Toledo. I was amazed at all the opportunity just an hour away from my home town. I moved here, blindly, with no job and within 6 days I landed my first big job at The Toledo Blade! I was in awe by what I accomplished in a matter of days!

As my Toledo acquaintances grew I noticed an ongoing pattern on my social media feeds “I’m bored” “can’t wait to get out of this town” “save me”…I was shocked considering I came from a place where there was 1 decent bar in town and we still managed to make the most of it. I decided then that I wanted to share my 419 enthusiasm with all of you.

#Hayliestory revolves around Travel, Fun and Daily Battles; it’s a lifestyle. I wanted to showcase the kind of lifestyle you can have here in the 419. Do I love downtown life? You bet! Do I enjoy going on weekend adventures and holiday vacations? Absolutely!

Ultimately #Hayliestory is here to inspire you. Don’t let circumstances dictate your outcome. Focus on a positive mindset. I wasted so much time waiting to move to a big city in California when opportunity was ready for me in my own backyard.
Take chances, create your opportunity and love who you are!



Navigating through this site I hope you find laughter, tips and inspiration. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @hayliestory and check out my YouTube Channel. For all products mentioned in my posts check out the Review tab for more details.